Reconfigurable Energy Conversion Controller -REConCon

REConCon drive controller regulates energy conversion from mechanical to electrical power by controlling the operation of permanent magnet (PM) electric machine. In this way, PM electric drive is suitable in distributed energy generation systems (such as micro hydro, small wind, concentrated solar, etc.), and as a starter/alternator in transportation applications.

REConCon drive controller is user friendly – it is reconfigurable through wired/wireless serial communication or via LCD. Same way user can program the operation of the PM electric drive (its torque vs. speed characteristic) to optimize performance within particular application – for example: micro hydro application requires different torque vs. speed characteristics then alternator in the car. Monitoring of drive’s
operation is performed by same means of communication.

REConCon drive controller is robust – its operating temperature range is between -30C to 65C, and it has projected lifetime of 10 years.