Smart Energy Initiatives

Solution Platform for Renewable Energy Micro-grid Aggregation enabling Virtual Utility Operations (SUPREMO) is an technology development and investment initiative undertaken to enable economics of distributed energy systems and integrates them within regional and global energy exchange markets. SUPREMO platform aims to remotely monitor, control, and sell energy generated from either renewable resources (such as wind, hydro, solar, biomass, waves, etc.) or from electric transportation systems (trains, electric vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, etc.). In this way, by supporting and representing the business interests of small, individual power plants, SUPREMO concept has for its objectives to: 
  • improve performance and efficiency of distributed energy systems by adopting modern power electronics based energy conversion systems; 
  • provide additional income to distributed power plant owners by negotiating more favorable collective feed-in tariffs, and by collecting renewable energy credits and CO2 emission quotas from small production plants and enabling them to be traded in global exchange markets; 
  • increase performance and reliability of power grids by bringing more intelligence to address problems such as power peak shaving and reactive power control; 
  • reinforce competitiveness of distributed renewable energy markets in respect to fossil fuel and other energy alternatives.

The common technological platform that that is being developed and which offers described value proposition improvements can be summarized with following three R&D objectives:

1. Develop power conversion platform that can utilize different type of distributed renewable energy sources (such as wind turbines, hybrid turbines, photovoltaics, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, etc.), provide bidirectional energy flow control (where applicable), provide with remote control and monitor capabilities;
Status: Ongoing

2. Develop central communication network that will enable two-way data communication between renewable energy generation systems and cloud;
Status: Ongoing

3. Centralized “real” time computing platform that will collect, store and manipulate data in order to provide capabilities for creation of various market-based applications (on-line energy trading, energy billing, etc.)

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