Professional Grade CAMRRI Mesh Access Points

CAMRRI_map covers wide range of applications including industrial and warehouse operations, municipal and operator access, smart grid applications, video surveillance applications, extended hotspot for public access, education and healthcare campus facilities. It is equipped with three 802.11n based radios which provide leading performance and high efficiency in internet based services and locally constrained services. CAMRRI_map is optimized for delivering of high quality video and voice over IP (802.11e/WMM). It is provided with high-quality QoS software which implements optimization of delay-sensitive applications, as well as traffic prioritization per application, service and protocol prioritization.

Additionally, CAMRRI_map is designed to be a perfect solution for large warehouses, factories and other enterprises looking for reliable broadband access in extreme environmental conditions (-40 to 70°C, up to 95% maximum relative humidity, IP65 rated).


Dragan Boscovic,
Jan 12, 2013, 5:50 PM