La Citadelle Inzenjering doo is a highly specialised strategic advisory and consulting company in the areas of business incubation and engineering solutions. It maintains significant R&D effort as related to modern/cognitive ICT solutions, wireless internet infrastructure, contextual computing, video distribution  and renewable energy generation.

Our experience and skill set enable us to confidently undertake challenging assignments in the following areas:

  • Engineering services as related to design, management and exploitation of broadband optical or wireless access and mobile IP networking
  • Research and advanced technology development as related to NextGen Networks, large scale Sensor Networks for contextual computing and remote sensing applications
  • Embedded algorithms, large data multimedia IT solutions and web2.0 services for eHealth, eLearning, eCommerce and smart energy industries. 

La Citadelle Inz partners are using their unique relationships with leading technology innovation companies, academia and research institutions, startups and investment communities to create business growth opportunities based on advanced technology innovations

Our expert team consists of technologists, proven innovators, experienced engineers, strategic economists and dynamic business developers with established track records of creating solution based business opportunities across a wide range of technology areas.